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Your health insurance coverage may or may not include office visits for illness, well child examinations, vaccines or hospital care for a normal newborn. In recent years, health insurance has dramatically changed and has become increasingly complicated for patients and physicians alike. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with your insurance benefits.

Like most other pediatric offices, Healthy Kids Pediatric Group, makes every reasonable attempt to work with both the insurance company and the patient. We are happy to assist you, for example, in completing forms so that you may be reimbursed for any funds to which you are entitled.

Although we have agreed to serve as providers for many insurance plans, the terms of the policies vary, even within a particular insurance program. It is, therefore, absolutely necessary that you understand exactly what your insurance covers and especially the requirements specific to your policy ( office co-pays, deductibles, eligible hospitals, referrals to specialists, emergency care, etc.)

We need your assistance and cooperation so that we can render the best care possible to your family.