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Flu Vaccine Clinic 10/18

Good morning all- 
On October 18th, weather permitting we will be having our flu clinic in the parking lot at our East Windsor Office.

It might be a little chilly, but please try to have a short sleeve shirt on!

Please come at your scheduled times so that we may adhere to the social distancing guidelines set forth by the CDC.  If you, your child or anyone in the family has had symptoms of COVID or been in touch with someone who has tested positive in the last 2 weeks, please reschedule your appointment.

On Sunday your child may be eligible to receive either the traditional flu vaccine or Flumist.

The main differences between these two vaccines are:
  1. The Flumist is a spray of liquid squirted up the nose and the regular (inactive) flu vaccine is an injection into the muscle.
  2. Flumist can not be given to those patients who have a history of wheezing.
  3. The Flumist is a live virus vaccine, the regular flu vaccine is a killed virus vaccine.
  4. They are both equally effective in preventing the flu.
  5. Patients must be 2 years or older to get the Flumist; Children 6 months and older may get the injectable flu vaccine.
You can find more information about the vaccines here:
Flu Vaccine 

Feel free to print the questionnaire here for your child and bring with you to your appointment.
Alternatively, we will provide one at the office when you arrive.